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Scopes and Benefits

To acquire a glimpse into the enormous scope of the IFERP conference on IoT and Intelligent Apps, and the numerous benefits that this event has to offer, continue reading the points listed below -
High-profile IoT domain specialists, engineers, and implementation experts who have been invited to speak at this conference will shed light on the various applications of IoT and how widespread integration of IoT can make out everyday lives much easier, in all respects.
Numerous interactive events such as Interviews, Panel Discussions, Debates, Q&A Sessions, etc, have been planned as part of this conference. Attending these events will give participants a chance to clarify their doubts, interact directly with IoT experts whom they look up to, and engage with them.
Aside from these interactive events, participants will also get to take advantage of the numerous Social Events (that are part of the conference schedule) to network with their fellow participants, speakers, and guest lecturers of the conference, to form professional partnerships with them that can lead to various collaborative and career-elevating possibilities.
IoT researchers, engineers, and scientists who choose to present the findings of their research projects will also obtain the chance to have their work published in various high-impact IoT journals and publications. By doing so, they will earn the renown, recognition, and respect that they deserve for all their hard work.
Those who are eager to be a part of the IoT revolution and play an integral role in the advancement of this field and technology will also be provided with the essential knowledge, tools, skills, and insights they need to go about doing so.

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