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28th & 29th October 2021

About Conference

As part of its effort to facilitate the progress of the field of IoT and intelligent applications, as well as expedite the advancement of this technology, IFERP has arrived on the following theme for its conference on IoT and Intelligent Apps - 'Breaking Down The Complexities Of IoT Technology, Elucidating Its Vast & Largely Untapped Potential & Promoting Its Foray Into The Future'.

IOT and Intelligent Apps will be a key factor for designing our near global future. We are in appropriate time to host this conference, build a cohesive environment to catalyst the research, developments on the recent trends towards the IOT and Intelligent Apps. IOT and Intelligent Apps specialize in humanizing information exchange between humans and machines, to create a world with intelligent machines.Focused to develop and encourage research on IoT solutions which solve real business use cases and provide seamless integration for human welfare.This elite platform allows every stakeholder to bring insights and make advancements autonomously.Read more

Objective of the Conference

The implications of the steady integration of IoT technology across diverse areas of our day-to-day lives is evident from the fact that investment in IoT infrastructure building around the world is expected to cross 1 trillion dollars by 2022. Advancements in wireless sensor technology, data handling and management capabilities, big data, data analytics, and most importantly communication tech such as 5G are heralding the age of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is penetrating every major industry that we know of, includes

Agriculture industry (to monitor, test and evaluate soil quality and fertility, pest control, crop growth cycles, etc);

e-Commerce industry (through smartphones, tablets and desktop devices to collect data on consumer behavior, buying habits, and purchasing sentiments);

Healthcare industry (to monitor patients with grave illnesses, and constantly keep track of their progress);

Transport industry (to refine routing, fuel consumption, and other miscellaneous expenditures);

Manufacturing industry (IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things is perhaps the biggest sub-branch of the IoT field, and entails developing different types of sensitive wireless sensors that are capable of monitoring and keeping track of different parameters including temperature, humidity, speed, quality, etc), and more!

The forthcoming IFERP organized conference on IoT and Intelligent Apps will seek to offer participants of this conference a broad and comprehensive platform to gain an insider's perspective into the IoT industry, how IoT technology helps makes life easier, how one can establish themselves as an expert or specialist in the IoT field, etc. At present, there close to 47% of all organizations do not have the IoT talent that they need to set up and maintain their IoT projects. With such a great demand for people with relevant expertise, IoT professionals attract big salaries. Taking part in this conference is guaranteed to put you on the right path to becoming a successful IoT professional.

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The theme of the conference

As part of its effort to facilitate the progress of the field of IoT and intelligent applications, as well as expedite the advancement of this technology, IFERP has arrived on the following theme for its conference on IoT and Intelligent Apps - 'Breaking Down The Complexities Of IoT Technology, Elucidating Its Vast & Largely Untapped Potential & Promoting Its Foray Into The Future'.

In essence, by deciding on this proposed theme, the organizing committee that has been appointed by IFERP to conduct and ensure the all-round success of this conference hopes to

clear the air about the widely prevalent misconceptions about IoT technology and its shortcomings;

disseminate awareness and vital consciousness amongst participants and the masses about the tremendous positive impact that incorporating IoT technology can have on any industry;

delve deep into case studies which prove the effectiveness of IoT technology across several sectors including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Transport, Food Quality & Safety Management, Data Management & Analytics, and numerous other industries;

map out a clear cut pathway for participants to establish themselves in the field of IoT and lead successful careers as renowned IoT experts and specialists who are highly sought after for their expertise and skills.

This conference has already garnered the attention of all within the global IoT community for being an event that is expediting the progress and advancement of this field, by serving as a platform for learning, networking, and growth.

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni

Director of Research & Innovation

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management



Dr. Hemang Shrivastava

Associate Professor, SAGE University Indore

Former Research Scientist, Columbus, United states


A few of the many benefits that participants of the IFERP-organized conference on IoT and Intelligent Apps are bound to obtain, include -

The chance to make full use of a global platform to make the findings and outcomes of their own personal IoT-based research work, known to the entire world. This will offer them a chance to gain the recognition and attention that they deserve for all their hard work and extraordinary insights.

The opportunity for newcomers to the world of IoT to learn about the massive and largely untapped potential of IoT technology and its vast applications across mutiple industries and disciplines. This will not help newcomers to this field to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of IoT technology, but also allow IoT professionals to brush up on their basics.

The chance for research professionals and scientists who are thinking about undertaking research projects in the IoT domain, to learn about new and profound topics that are unexplored and need looking into. This conference also offers those who are already in the process of carrying out IoT research studies and are facing roadblocks the opportunity to find suitable solutions to the challenges that they are facing.

The chance for all participants to gain an insider's perspective on some of the biggest IoT research projects taking place all over the planet.

The perfect chance for IoT students, scholars, academics, researchers, educators, and others to gain clarity on advanced IoT concepts such as M2M (Machine-To-Machine) Wireless Sensor Systems, WSNs (Management Of Wireless Sensor Networks), CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), etc.

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